Combine Heat Balance with Data Analytics to Monitor and Detect Changes in Performance

Power Plant Performance Monitoring

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Performance Monitoring

Track Performance Changes

Plant measured data is continuously monitored and evaluated using a combination of first-principles, heat-balance analysis and advanced data analytics. Monitoring output can be stored in plant historian and displayed graphically for operational review.

Heat Balance Concept

Heat balance analysis applies conservation of mass and energy plus combustion modeling to add information to the measured data. No assumptions about performance are needed. The heat balance outputs all temperatures and flows in the system from which equipment efficiencies and heat rates are calculated. 

Least-Squared Fitting

The most common problem in heat balance analysis is that plant data contains measurement and calibrations error. MapEx has the flexibility to use least-squared fitting to detect and resolve inconsistencies in the data and produce heat balance output (red line) that is more accurate than the individual measurements (blue dots). 

Predict Expected Performance

Performance is evaluated by comparing expected performance current performance.  Expected performance can be predicted using correction curves, correlations from regression fitting or advanced pattern recognition.

Multi-Variable Regression

If a performance parameter is dependent upon several other variables, a correlation can predict it expected values. For example, gas turbine power at part-load may be a function of air temperature, inlet pressure, IGV, and  turbine inlet temperature. Correlation accuracy ban be improved by using heat balance outputs as inputs.

Advanced Pattern Recognition

Power plant performance monitoring  continuously tracks the difference between observed (measured values or calculated values from heat balance) behavior and expected behavior. Advanced pattern recognition is the most flexible and accurate technology for prediction of the expected values of performance parameters. 

Book: Power Plant Performance Monitoring

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