Combine Heat Balance with Data Analytics to Monitor and Detect Changes in Performance

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Dr. Rodney R. Gay

Dr. Rodney R. Gay is president of MapEx Software, Inc. Dr. Gay has broad experience in the development and application of software for power plant design and performance monitoring. Dr. Gay founded the company, Enter Software Inc., and grew the company to be the market leader in power plant performance monitoring. GE purchased Enter Software in 1999 and Dr. Gay became president of the new GE company. Dr. Gay developed MapEx as the follow-on software to GE's EfficiencyMap perforrnance monitoring system, which is installed at over 200 power plants worldwide.

GE's GateCycle Software

 In 1987, Dr. Gay founded an engineering software business called Enter Software. Dr. Gay pioneered new concepts in power plant design and performance evaluation that have become industry standards. The ideas of “design” versus “off-design” analysis in the GateCycle software, and power plant physical modeling in the EfficiencyMap plant monitoring system were new concepts when Enter Software introduced them in the early 1990’s. The modeling methods developed by Dr. Gay are now core technology used by GE to design power plants and to optimize their operation.   

MapEx Performance Monitorirng

The MapEx performance monitoring software is the product of many years of power plant software development and application to operating power plant systems. MapEx extends the capabilities of GE's Efficiency Map by adding data driven features based on least-squares fitting, and the use of multi-variable regression analysis to detect changes in performance. Dr.Gay started development of MapEx software in 2012 and began installing the first monitoring system in 2013. SInce then MapEx has been installed at over 20 sites with over 3600 MW of power generation.


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